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IronShelter Is Your First Line of Defense against a Break-In

It may seem like you are not susceptible to a burglary or a break-in. However, a home gets broken into every 15 seconds. Considering the statistics, it may not be long before your home is the next target. You may have heard about burglaries taking place at others’ homes, but it’s about time you consider the safety of your family and yourself.

If you want top of the line security for your home, the best option is to go for a home security system that is monitored by a service center. IronShelter takes great pride in offering protection to over a million homes across the United States. Not only are our services affordable, but we work round the clock to keep you safe.

Top notch equipment, certified monitoring service and professional staff are some of the benefits of signing up with us. As soon as the alarm is triggered our first priority is to make sure you are safe. Once your safety is ensured we contact the relevant authorities. In other words we watch out for you with the monitoring system.

We take pride in offering the latest technology in home security systems to our customers. With IronShelter, you can now also opt for home automation services. This system is without a doubt the future of home security. It can be installed as a standalone or we can integrate it with the existing system that you have.

Once this system is installed, you can control your home’s lighting, heating and cooling, etc. from a remote location. To operate all this, all you need is your smartphone. To get additional details regarding this system simply contact us and we will get you the help you require from an IronShelter dealer.


  • IronShelter Is Like a Family to Me Considering the fact that I am 86 years old, I require assistance round the clock. Over the past few years I have fallen in my home a couple of times. Due to this reason I opted for IronShelter’s service. Not only does the company take care of me, but make sure that the security equipment around the home is up to date. I once fell down the stairs at 2:00AM. I pressed the button on my pendant and got a call from a representative almost immediately. He notified the EMT unit and even stayed on the line with me until they got there, like family. There aren’t many companies like IronShelter out there nowadays. You got a customer for life!!!
    Joshua Page
  • Round The Clock Protection for My Family My work schedule can get quite hectic and I often come home from work late at night. Today when I was leaving for work, I noticed a car circling my home. I was quite concerned as my wife was alone at home with the kids and I had an important meeting to attend. On my way I called up IronShelter and told them about the situation. The rep I spoke to was quite concerned about the situation and he assured me that he will take care of it. My wife tells me that the rep called her up and informed the police about the car. Furthermore, he stayed on the line with my wife until the police arrived and took charge of the situation. With IronShelter and their team of awesome reps, my family is protected even when I’m not there.
    John D. Adam